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One Rib Publications is a publications company dedicated to publishing and distributing positive  inspirational books and other materials (CD’s DVD’s, Magazines, Newsletters) written and produced by largely “unknown authors” and individuals seeking to “self publish”. We have published projects in the Bahamas, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa and the Caribbean. 



Our Mission: To assist small authors and self-publishers fulfill their publishing dreams in an affordable fashion.


Current Trends: More and more individuals worldwide are seeking to have materials published changing the trend of works done primarily by North American and European authors.


Our Team: One Rib Publications is headed by Dr. Dave Burrows CEO and President and managed by Mrs. Angela Burrows.  Our team consists of professional graphic artists, editors, print specialists and clerical staff who have an extensive background in the publishing industry.


Location: Our headquarters is located at #87 Robinson Road,  Nassau, Bahamas with an additional office in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. We conduct business on a worldwide basis.


What we Offer: From initial appointments a project sheet is compiled detailing customer needs (eg. Cover design, transcription, page layout etc.). A project analysis is then done and price quotation given. Once acceptance is secured, stage payments are instituted with customer sign offs at each stage to completion.

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